JF6018 – Early Persian Serapi carpets are perhaps one of the most recognized and sought after antique carpet types in the marketplace. This month’s antique rug was chosen for its rarity in color, design scale, and pristine condition (for a 150 year old piece). The term “Serapi” came about as a way for dealers during the early and mid 20th century to distinguish the very best and finest woven Heriz carpets from the previous century. Since Heriz carpets were becoming more mass-produced and generally lower in quality (due to the introduction of synthetic dyes and machine spun wool around the middle of the 20th century), many antique dealers of the time needed a descriptor that would distinguish these finer earlier pieces. The word Serapi most likely came from a deviation of Serab which is a town in North West Persia where it is believed most of the finer examples were woven. What gives this piece its investment quality status is not only the unusually amazing original condition but also the archaic drawing of the pattern and use of all natural dyes in jewel tones that have acquired a gentle patina that even the best reproductions can not assimilate without “doing the time.” Measuring 11’ 6” x 14’ 6” this gorgeous piece is currently hanging in our Boston showroom.